The Toast Master

Your Wedding should be the best day of your lives. It cost a lot of money and a lot of time so it is important to get everything spot on! But things you least expect do go wrong. That's were I come in. I make sure everything is organised the people the staff. I make sure everything is running perfect for you and gather guests for various of stuff for example photos. I will also make sure your dress does not drag, refill you with drinks and help you. This makes you a queen for the day as me as the servant. 
A Toastmaster wears a red tail suit named "Toastmaster jacket" Along with a clean white shirt and black trousers.

Prices & Packages


This is for day service toast master. This will last from the morning you are ready all the way to the wedding breakfast and will include:
>Help of bride exiting / entering the car (doorman)
>Gathering and instructing the guests according to plan.
>Make sure everyone is happy.
>Thirst class bride with refiling drink ect.
>Meeting after booking made and 1 mounth prior to wedding. 
>Make sure all suppliers are within time limit to make sure the full day is entertained. 
Please enquire about this package.