What We Do...

Here Dan and Wills offer sweet services of magical ideas, select the sweets you desire from a wide luxurious variety of great tastes of saccharine sweets and the item you wish to hire with the sweets stationed inside each aspect  stated below, simply sit back and relax until your selected date in which you have booked and then we appear early to avoid traffic and make sure we have made it and we will do everything possible to get to your designated location on time with the hired product and the sweets please dont hesitate to email me via "contact us" tab marked in the task bar. we will help you with every step.  Many thanks Dan And Wills  

Sweet Tables...

Sweet Tables are extremely cheap to hire of us and look stunning as well as very cute. Decorated by Dan & Wills we try our best to make it stand out with colour and decoration or your selected theme of style. The price of hire for this sweet table will include Jars, Tongs, Scoops, any other plastic wear, table cloth, and decoration. The best of it all if you get a better quote we will aim to compare it. All you need to do now is choose your selected sweets then please dont hesitate to contact us via email on the "contact us" tab 

Candy Ferris Wheel

Hire our highly unique Candy Ferris Wheel, constructed with 6mm plastic, many guest love the idea and have fun spinning it around catching there sweets with their very own choice as this sweet fleet includes 12 sweetie slots. The hire of this will also include tongs, scoops and decorations including ribbon bow of your choice. The best of it all if you receive a cheaper quote we aim to compare it. please dont hesitate to contact us via the "contact us" tab

Ferro Roche Pyramid 

Hire a pyramid to WOW your guests with Joy. With multi coloured LED strips to light up the Ferraro Roche chocolates. definitely brilliant to look elegant and shine especially to them Ferraro Roche lovers!

Ferro Roche Tree

These handmade trees filled with Ferro Roche are fantastic center pieces to WOW your guests. Personalize you buckets and the ribbon to your theme of style.