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Ice Cream Dream

Luxury ice cream that tastes like a dream

The origin of Dan And Wills was our famous ice cream bike which was based on Bridgnorth high street it attracted a lot of attention and people loved it! As Dan And Wills invested into building a successful business it consumed up all time to put this on the high street and became an attraction to big events and to be hired out we now have multiple bikes of this style hand built by professionals here at Dan And Wills.

We hire this bike out brought to you and served to your guests at a significantly low price compared to some companies whilst increasing the quality of customer service, pricewise it goes out for is £2 a guest at your event and a small fee.

This includes 4 flavors of your choice, toppings, sauces, cones and an option of tubs if you like.

If you have any questions or would like to book this fantastic bike please email us on

Many thanks.


5 star rated ice cream, made in the UK Full dairy ice cream, or sorbets (Including dairy free)

Top quality sugar cones or tubs and spoons (as choice)  

Our growing flavours list is currently 60+ flavours.

All ice cream services come with, flakes, sprinkles, sauces, cones/ tubs, and servers. 

Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream

All of our staff have completed a food safety / hygiene test, and all employed have highly passed. Also all of our staff are regularly examined as a spot check test on the hygiene rules and regulations.

Our crew have had many years of experience with public, and are very friendly.   

We Currently hold a 5 star hygiene.  

We are in association with the wedding car and limousine company 2xllimos (est 1998) (   



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