Remember me, the 1900s edition of fashion that use to roll down your street every day?! Well the ice cream bike has returned standing in elite condition so that people will remember the good old days and bring back memories! whilst we serve the best ice cream and you grab a few photos and toppings flakes and sauces! A great way to entertain the people of 1900s and a fabulous desert after your meal especially the ones staring in wonder and amazement.


Dan And Wills are filled with pride and joy to hire out this magnificent peppermint green old English cream 1940s style ice cream trike with its only main objectives to please the guests, stand out, make your wedding day more remarkable and more special commemorate memories and serve our amazing wide variety of the best ice cream around. It truly is a unique bike and we assure you its a real crowd turner, please go check our amazing list of luxurious from start to finish locally made ice cream under the "ice cream bike" tab we are sure you will be torn in our unique flavours but don't spend to long this stunning ice cream bike gets booked up quick!!!

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"Our greatest current hit is the ice cream bike everyone loves it please go check our reviews and see how much love this special bike gets"