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burger trailer design_edited.png

Catering E-Trailer

The cheap and easy way is the E-trailer. The best way for a starter to a business or a add on to a current fleet. The E-Trailer easily attaches to any bike (Universal) with our design of fitting. 

The trailers are single axel and  the easy portability systems, with the small and unique design. The whole trailer shuts down to be one small box trailer. The trailers are only suitable for bicycle use (Not to tow by car / van)

You as the consumer can customize any part of the trailer working with our own design team specialists. We can create the trailer for any kind of catering ideas, or even a non-catering ideas. 

We make every part of the product here in the uk. We also do not use any 3rd party manufactures to help create the product. The whole design is fully built with danandwills.


Contact us today for a free quote, from just £195.00. 

A completely free email back system. We will aim to respond within 24 hours, with more details of the product.

Thanks! Message sent.

This is a mock up of the design (Not the real design due to copy write) and shows the hub of the universal bike hub and shows the one side of the bracket. The bracket clips onto a clip we supply as a universal bolt for the wheel. 

wheel hub attachment design.PNG
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