Dan And Wills are filled with pride and joy to hire this magnificent peppermint green old English cream 1040s style ice cream trike in order to make your experience just that extra bit special. It truly is a unique bike and we assure you its a real crowd pleaser.

we are very great-full of your company and interest in this wonder full new addition and we are ecstatic to say that this bike is available for you on your special day.  

We Are

Dan & Wills

Do I go for the White Chocolate, Raspberry & Oreos. Or I'm in the mood for the Belgium chocolate or Lemon Meringue. No am going for the Butterscotch ice cream cone with caramel sauce and sweets / toppings to stick to the draining sauce. 

Between the two ice cream bikes available to hire. Bella and Hereford. They are both really similar. They are both painted in old English pepper mint cream with gleaming chrome with a big fancy freezer.