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Delicious Ice Cream - DanandWills

The Home Of Quality Ice Cream

The home of quality meaty hotdogs 

The Dessert Bike - DanAndWills

The home of the best desserts

Donut Walls - Danandwills

the home of the best donuts

Cotton Candy Bike - Danandwills

the home of fresh hot candy floss 

Meet The Fleet...

Ice Cream Bike Shropshire

Bella, is one of her kind, the large cream 1930s style ice cream bike is sure to be a crowd stopper. 

Ice Cream Bike Hire

Star Dust, says it in the name. its truly a star. the parsleys bike design really encourages the 1930s feel. 

Ice Cream Supplier Telford

The Tricycle Dessert bike, Creating the best desserts in town, the crowd are ensured to enjoy and remember. 

Candy Floss Bike

Sugar foot, really is a fun and sticky bike. Unleashing the fun fair affect, creating the best of candy floss.

 Elvis The Hot Dog Bike is not yet ready to rock - n - roll. Its still being made in our workshop. 

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