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What's better than cozing up to the fire watching Christmas movies waiting for Santa to arrive down your chimney, we have the perfect ideas to spoil your family at Christmas with the greatest tastes of limited edition sweets family sure not to forget so we are offering 10 percent off sweets,

Merry Christmas from Dan & Wills! Also ask about Santa he might be available to come and visit!

Valid from 18th December to 2nd January 

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Christmas Sweets We Sell...

  • A chalky textured mint sweet

  • Wrapped Toffee

  • Mint & Liquorice

  • Dusted Toffee flavoured

  • Mint Flavoured Boiled sweet 

  • Fruit Jelly

  • Scented Gum 

  • Fruit Flavour with Choc Flling 

  • Chocolate Eclairs

  • Choc Honeycomb

  •  Milk Chocolate Coated Peanuts 

  • Chocolate Coated Peppermint Creams 

  • Candy Sticks with Characters

  • Coconut Sweets

  • Chocolate Biscuit

  • Plain Chocolate Peanuts

  • Soft & Crumbly

  • Everton Mints, Minty Boiled Sweet 

  • Small Multicoloured Scented Gum 

  • Tangy Fruit Flavoured Sweet. 

  • Sugar Covered Fruit Shapes 

  • Natural Colours & Flavours 

  • Cubes Of Chocolate Flavoured Fudge

  • Fondant With Hard Shell

  • Honeycomb

  • Jelly aniseed with pink or blue balls 

  • Liquorice Sticks 

  • White chocolate Mice

  • Milk Chocolate coated Brazil nuts

  • Chocolate Coins 

  • Milk gums dusted.

  • Chewy sweets Apple

  • Tiny chewy sweets Blackcurrant flavour

  • Tiny tasty chewy sweets Bubblegum flavour 

  • Chewy sweets ,Cola flavour 

  • Tiny Chewy Sweets Lemon 

  • Chewy Sweets Raspberry flavour 

  • Fondant sweet 

  • Chewy Peppermint centre

  • Mintoes, Mint Flavoured Boiled sweet 

  • Roasted Nut Brittle 

  • Smooth mint soft chewy toffee centre 

  • Milk choc with a raspberry coconut centre

  • Homemade Scottish Fudge 

  • Fizzy wrapped Sweet

  • Sugar Free Toffee

  • Crumbly Toffee

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