Candy Floss Bike

Get your quote if your a company in need of attracting more customers! Or an agent looking to impress a client? Well the candy floss is great in any weather. Order the floss in the company colours! As well as get company branding from on the bike all the way to the serving equipment. 

Weather its a birthday, wedding or special occasion. Make It magical with the sweet experience of Candy floss. Get a free quote today for free, and surprise your guests at your next special occasion. 

Weather its corporate, or special occasions, the candy floss bike is the perfect hit to sweeten up your event. With it being made on the spot, it has never been easier to entertain your guests. Split up the night. 
The dark pink bike, makes it much better than just a cart, something that looks different, unique . 
Quality graded materials used to make the flavoured, cloudy, coloured and large flosses come to life. 
Get extras such as rainbow candy floss, more flavours, or design in shapes of flowers.