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Hot Dog Bikes 🌭 Candy Floss Bikes 🍬Donut Walls 🍩 Ice Cream Bikes🍦 Chocolate Pyramids 🍫 and more E.S.T 2016 across UK bookings. ⚡️ 5 Star Hygiene🌟

Ice Cream Bike



Dan and Wills originates the dream of two brothers called Danny and Willis and strives to accomplish the best food to supply to our highly satisfied customers

A little about us...

It was started as a basic wedding only bike, but after time, Dan and Wills now design there own trikes and much more. Dan And Wills are now a current growing company in the catering world, we regularly win contracts for, towns, centres and lots more.

Along side great quality we have top health and hygiene awards.

As we should, Dan and Wills are awarded for 5 star, local council hygiene, we are regularly checked, and still hold the score. We are fully insured, for special occasions, and events.

Why we are different?

Dan & Wills is a sucesful and constant evolving family ran business, and are within relation to 2xllimos, who have been running wedding cars and limousines for over 20 years. This link can make discounts between the 2 company's. Ice cream is homemade in Shropshire, or have the chance to have it made in front of your eyes, with our fried ice cream service.

Our future focus on the impact on the environment?

Dan & Wills, constantly look for new ideas, to impact to environment it serves in. Thirstily we don't use ice cream vans, that run all day causing harmful toxins to the environment. And with the bikes they are mostly 12V which positively effects the enviroment by being charged when stationary and ready to go all day!

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Ice Cream Bike Hire...

When it comes to ice cream bike hire, Dan and Wills becomes the first choice. What ever size you need to cater for, we can do it. We currently hold the largest ice cream purpose built freezer in the industry. We supply, what can only possibly be the best ice cream, soft scoop ice creams, served in traditional sugar cones. 

Hot Food Beverage

As we build these bikes our hot dog bike is completely unique espcially with its unique fiberglass light up hot dog on roof. An amazing American fun fair looking bike! Not only hot dogs we serve, we can serve any kind of hot / cold beverage. 

Candy Floss Supplies Shropshire 

The candy floss carts came in a trend, but we have something that is completely different. Imagine a floss machine on wheels! Well imagine no further, we have avaiable a 1930s style candy floss bike, painted in pink and decorated with the best of trike creations. 

Fried Thailand Ice Cream

Dan And Wills, have now imported a new fried ice cream machine plate from Thailand. Not what you usually expect, which makes it a unique experience, refreshing and amazing to watch ice cream be made in a matter of a couple of minutes. Our secret recipes make the most perfect ice cream. On the event we will have a choice of what ever you enjoy most and we will turn into ice cream like magic!

5 star rated ice cream, made in the UK Full dairy ice cream, or sorbets (Including dairy free)

Top quality sugar cones or tubs and spoons (as choice)  

Our growing flavours list is currently 60+ flavours.

All ice cream services come with, flakes, sprinkles, sauces, cones/ tubs, and servers. 

All of our staff have completed a food safety / hygiene test, and all employed have highly passed. Also all of our staff are regularly examined as a spot check test on the hygiene rules and regulations.

Our crew have had many years of experience with public, and are very friendly.   

We Currently hold a 5 star hygiene.  

We are in association with the wedding car and limousine company 2xllimos (est 1998) (www.2xllimos.co.uk)